Hertex launching International collections

JAMES MALONE: James Malone is a textile house based in Malaga, Spain. James has established himself as a leader in the fabric industry, supplying textiles of outstanding quality and global influence. The brand is known for creating fabrics with both English and Spanish flair, paying homage to Malone’s heritage. We are proud to exclusively represent James Malone in South Africa, offering our clients the opportunity to order the superb international textiles.   TORCAL This rough textured jacquard flat-weave with geometric patterns translates the geometric and whimsical formation of the El Torcal situated in the heart of Andalusia. The rugged structure of the Linus yarn combined with the bright coloured viscose and lined Vilik, gives these textiles their unique look.

BENHAVIS Linen and viscose in abundant qualities are used to create this gallant and audacious textile with evident tile pattern inspiration. Although structured in design, it has a soft touch and subtle sheen.
MAASAI The design of this fabric depicts animals with imperial stances roaming freely over a lush and tropical landscape. A severe Airo® finish literally beats the fabric which guarantees both a soft, yet crisp handle and faded elegant look. Both fauna and foliage have been interpreted from a 12th century Byzantine mosaic vault.
HERA This fabric range is an exaggerated interpretation of a Greek Art Nouveau design. The natural linen welt with oversized geometric motif are given a sophisticated appearance thanks to the nylon warp.
BURUNDI Similar to the Maasai design, both fauna and foliage inspiration have been interpreted from a 12th century Byzantine mosaic vault. Largely scaled animals and plants cover the colourful grounds that are elegantly faded using a vigorous finishing process.
SOHAIL This superb textile range offers a bold, yet delicate version of a herringbone, giving a faint and sophisticated movement, taken from local esparto and jute artisan weaves.
MEDINA This is a range of repeated kilims designs – heavy, rich and even somewhat presumptuous with generous and chunky yarns tightly woven together.
CASAMANCE: Casamance is a French fabric brand, born from the desire to create a certain type of luxury ‒ to offer interior settings to host priceless moments and quality lifestyles. We are proud to offer our clients the opportunity to buy these world-class textiles.   BASSANO Digital printing gives high precision to the reproduction of colours, giving this collection a vibrant and quality finish. With a 32000T Martindale rub test score, Bassano is ideal for upholstery.
CHAUMONT  Chaumont showcases a magnified and stylised nature. The fabrics are given pride of place to create subtle contrasts between matt and shine, like plays of light and shadow that reveal a summer landscape.
INEDIT  The Inedited collection takes a strong colour bias: the blues, greens and ochres are full of references to the intense and deep colours of nature. The beautiful natural fabrics, such as silk and linen, magnify the patterns, both by their texture and by their delicate sheen.
TITANE  The Titane (Titanium) collection offers a range of fabrics with metallic tints that have particularly high abrasion resistance. Embroidered, textured or braided, they are all perfectly suited to upholstery and they combine ordinary and flame resistant qualities.
ACAJOU  This collection draws inspiration from the glasshouses of Auteuil: nature unfurls all its colourful richness and exuberance in a magnificent display of vitality. The photogravure process, which adds refinement and incredible precision to the colours, has been used to create these statement textiles.
Casamance and James Malone are available at Hertex Fabrics, a leading South African supplier of fabrics and home décor products to the furnishing and design industry.

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