Halogen: Lulu DK designs

Lulu DK is a household name, gaining traction in textiles and wallpaper in the design world. Inspired by the artist Lulu Dekwiatkowski, this lifestyle brand has built a signature brand by using colour and bold hand-drawn designs, reminiscent of her colourful memories in her childhood and inspired by nature, travel and the love one has for their family. Halogen creates vibrant products based off Lulu’s original artwork. The admiration for her work has seen her being recognised by top companies, where she has graced the covers of magazines and partnered up with brands to spread her designs. In addition to design, Lulu DK also created a personal visual autobiography which documents her life through collage.   In this collection, Lulu DK has experimented with different patterns and compositions influenced by nature, family and her travels. Bella was created in memory of Lulu’s grandmother Minerva – who taught her to cultivate the garden. Sardina is centred around the water, focusing on large scale print and the underwater world, while Shine is about the dancing reflection of sunlight and colourful sailboats on the ocean in the Hamptons. Abstractions is one of Lulu DK’s favourite. Made from ripped pieces of paper that were painted in multiple colours and then placed on paper, the fabric has a mix of a 70’s aesthetic, preppie and modern all fused into one design.

Contact: Halogen International


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