Halogen International: A Mexican Passion for Life with HACIENDA

 The Hacienda Collection from Andrew Martin, available from Halogen International , is packed full of hot and dusty colours that playfully ricochet off each other and bring vibrant Mexican art, wildlife, and culture straight into your home. A welcome addition to any interior space this Spring, this new collection by Andrew Martin is truly a celebration of authentic Mexican passion for life!

Ric Rac Carnival wallpaper, Truman – white linen, scatters in Maya Cactus & Paraiso, Cruz Cactus & Paradise, Palazzo Moss & Parasol

A stunning collection of fabrics comprises the Hacienda Collection. Here you will find vibrant patterns immersed in Mayan heritage, with animal motifs such as the myriad of birds you can see in the Chiapas jungle region; and gorgeous greenery, such as those found in the agave plants used to make Mezcal.

Authenticity, passion and colour merge in a playful and creative collection that will appease the senses. The colourways draw on bright fuchsias, oranges, blues and greens, which have all been transferred from the Mexican landscape, its rich artwork and textiles.

The collection is about vibrancy, life and passion of the people. To this day, the women of Oaxaca state wear traditional blouses, where brightly coloured flowers burst in mesmerizing motifs and their dark plaits hang down the length of their backs in patterned contrast.

You will also see sandy, muted tones which evoke the dusty landscapes, flat and burnt by the sun, decorated only by strange, vertical cacti. These untouched settings exude drama through vastness and natural wonder, like the petrified waterfalls at Hierve el Agua. Hacienda brings home an explosion of vivacity, the drama of nature and a Mexican passion for life.

Brompton single unit upholstered in Crux Cactus with scatter cushion in Cruz Paraiso
Maya gold cushion lifestyle
Triton chair upholstered in Pelican Paraiso with Otomi Cactus wallpaper

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