Customised CANVEX can move with you

When you moving from one place to another there is always that one stagnant piece that you wish you could take with you, and now you can. With your statement wall generally being produced with CANVEX Customised wallpaper by Expand a Sign you are able to adjust or move you dream wall with you. This is why they have become a preferred branding solution for in-store and indoor design at homes, offices, hotels, estates and restaurants. Durban-based coffee bar and motorcycle store, The Duke & Duchess, ordered customised CANVEX wallpaper to compliment the trendy décor in their popular store two years ago. After a recent move to a new store, the owners simply relocated the original CANVEX wallpaper to a new wall in their new store, they loved it that much.

CANVEX wallpaper in Duke & Duchess original store
“It is effortless to apply and just as easy to remove or reposition. With no restriction on length, each CANVEX can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements. Superior, non-toxic inks and robust, recyclable fabric is used ensuring functional and durable canvas wallpaper,” says Kirsty Fonzari from Expand a Sign Marketing Manager.
CANVEX wallpaper relocated to Duke & Duchess new premises
Expand a Sign Expand a Sign is an industry leader in portable advertising and branding solutions with a wide range of banners for indoor and outdoor use. Only the latest materials and technology are used to create top quality products to meet each customer’s specific branding needs and desires. To get in contact or find out more: CANVEX Customised wallpaper by Expand a Sign


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