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Constantia Fabrics: Decorate for Spring

Spring is around the corner, and that means the annual spring clean comes along with it. Constantia Fabrics believe that the creativity and inspiration behind the unique designs that grace their fabrics is often dependent on the care and maintenance you provide your space. Here are a few ways to transform your space for the arrival of spring:

1. Declutter your space Having clutter makes the space small yet crowed. If you can’t part with certain decor accessories or scatter cushions, pack them away as seasons change rather than keeping it all displayed at once.

2. Add some fabrics Adding fabrics is an easy way to make seasonal changes, especially if you focus on minimal-like scatter cushions, curtaining or bedding. If you have an old ottoman or a small arm chair that needs a make-over, have it reupholstered with fabric that will compliment spring.

3. Change colours There are several colours that represent spring well. Find your colour that will compliment your decor accessories and remove all the winter hues. It doesn’t matter what you do: painting your wall, adding accents, reupholstering a furniture piece or simply adjusting your colour palette will create a big impact.

4. Small changes One really doesn’t need to have a big budget to revamp a living area. Make small changes by changing your wall art, rearrange the furniture in a new angle, change scatter pillows with more brighter colours, add a flower vase for texture and accents or change your bedding with something more lighter. It won’t take a lot of effort to create a totally new look unless you have plans to have a complete overhaul. Just add a few simple touches to bring out the spring season.   Constantiafabrics11 Constantiafabrics24 Contact: Constantia Fabrics

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