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Ah, the theme for coastal living is nigh. With the sun gleaming onto the patio or deck, streaming through the windows onto the sofa and glistening into the bedrooms for a well positioned afternoon nap, this calm and relaxing adjustment of the lazy sun has influenced an entire range of interior trends that are inspired by the coast.

South Africans, lucky enough to experience the sun throughout the year, love the outdoor, coastal living environment where the land meets the sea. As summer blossoms into its entirety, Constantia Fabrics have seen an influx of relaxed style tones and decor, used to wash the space with the atmosphere.

Coastal Living is about inserting a hint of that carefree holiday atmosphere with an inspirational style that can be depicted by the sea. Natural inspired hues are taken from classic seaside scenes, from calming blues to crisp whites, to warm sand beiges to liven up any family space or covered patio. White is always a great base shade to build upon for this look, providing the underlying calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The Coastal living look is in the details; this interior style comes alive when you pay attention to the smaller details of a room’s decor scheme. Classic motifs, such as anchors and shells, on soft furnishings from cushions to throws, are a must. They add instant character to any living space and quickly spruce up tired furniture. Invest in coastal styled decorative accessories to bring finishing touches to the room, from scented candles to trinket trays, to help bring a coastal vibe into your space.

Last year, Constantia Fabrics presented the Coastal linen collection showcasing “where land meets sea” for that perfect outdoor lifestyles with a blend of linen and cotton, and a touch of engineered fibre. The collection is ideal for soft furnishings and slip covers, varying from multi, narrow and wide stripes to a lovely plain design.

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