Behind the scenes with Saleh Abrahams of Constantia Fabrics

Saleh Abrahams, a young, vibrant and energetic South African furnishing fabric designer, is the owner of Constantia Fabrics – a massive Eurocentric showroom in the leafy suburb of Constantia. Renowned for Constantia Fabrics’ wide variety of top quality handcrafted designs and plain fabrics – suitable for both curtaining and upholstery – Saleh can undoubtedly be grouped amongst the best in the world in his field of design excellence, and understanding the market trends.

Saleh comes from a family of fabric merchants, and although he tried his hand at other things, he quickly discovered his passion in fabrics and fabric designs. Imaginative combinations of colour, design and texture are what inspire Saleh day in and day out. As a self-taught textile designer with a very meticulous eye for perfection, Saleh began working from his home. Since then, his business has blossomed into a 350 square meter showroom which boasts collections that favour artisanal and hand-made prints.  He’s latest include African Weaver and Indian Block designs. Each design is locally manufactured in Cape Town which allows Saleh to be part of the hands-on process that sets Constantia Fabrics apart from other fabric houses. Take a glimpse at some “behind the scenes” shots below:
behind the scenes (11)constantia fabrics
behind the scenes (12) constantia fabrics


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