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Behind the scenes: Constantia Fabrics


Saleh Abrahams is a young South African textile designer who has been creating original fabrics since 2007. He’s also the man behind the scenes of Constantia Fabrics, launched in 2009. Since its inception, Saleh has transformed the store into one of Cape Town’s top suppliers of handcrafted textiles made locally and abroad.

Constantia Fabrics has successfully bloomed into a 350 square metre strong enterprise. The business also supports a thriving online dimension catering to nationwide clients, particularly in Johannesburg and along the Garden Route.

Not only is Constantia Fabrics a thriving hub of textile designs, it’s a company with a conscience. Saleh and his team support Project Playground, a Langa-based NGO which rehabilitates street children and provides a safe haven away from the streets, in the form of curtain and fabric donations.

Saleh attributes his company’s growth to a commitment to his clients, who appreciate his variety of original designs. But above all, Saleh is  propelled by his sheer love of fabrics. His family has been sourcing fabrics from around the globe for years, allowing himt o learn the tricks of the trade., A keen eye for detail and quality is what has driven his business to the forefront of the local handcrafted textile industry, as well as in-depth insight and experience.

Earlier in Saleh’s career, he travelled around Asia to learn about traditional fabric production and textile design. He also worked in Hong Kong as a fabric buyer before he started Constantia Fabrics.

Saleh’s design process is meticulous and old-fashioned. Scans and photocopies from various books and decorative manuscripts are manually stitched together in order to form shape and pattern. This hands-on approach to each phase of the design process distinguishes Saleh’s designs and sets Constantia Fabrics apart from other fabric houses.

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