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Apr 9, 2018

Redesign Interiors: Winning Awards at Decorex 2018

“How was Decorex?” the most used phrase on the lips of the locals in the days following the event. The design world was abuzz with anticipation leading up to the occasion so it’s hardly surprising that Decorex once again took the prize as the most impressive gathering in the design industry.

‘Quirky’ in the spotlight:

One of the most notable stalls featured right at the entrance was the eclectic and decidedly ‘out there’ exhibition of Redesign Interiors. Their theme, ‘Designs through the decades’, resonated beautifully with the Decorex theme of the year, ‘The Rhythms of Life’. Picture a movement in the display, as you walk through it you are introduced to the various trends of the most famous decades of the 1900s.

Take note, because this is fresh and innovative:

Another highlight of the show, also at Redesign Interiors’ stand, was the life-sized mannequin with red glowing eyes. It certainly inspires a reaction. It’s no surprise this stand took home a few prizes. They won the best exhibitor award for their marketing, and they won an excellence award for their quirky and creative exhibition. Redesign Interiors’ director and founder, Paige Waplington, is also the CEO of the IID, the only professional body of the design industry in South Africa. Under her leadership, Redesign Interiors is certainly climbing the stairway to success, painting it in their own unique way as they go.

Decorex, diverse and delighting:

Some of the other highlights included Clever Little Monkey with their trendy mainstream ideas for children’s rooms. Pure Leaf, another exhibitor, showcased an interesting variety of plant ideas, adding another sprinkling of originality. Among the fabulous food stalls, the Delish Sisters gave food demonstrations and tasters using their fantastic recipes. Designers, artists, decorators, and stallholders each brought a unique element to the whole, resulting in an event that’s as diverse as our richly-cultured nation.

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