Open Design Cape Town To Host Mandela Poster Project Exhibition

Open Design Cape Town will host the exceptional 95-piece Mandela Poster Project (MPP), an exhibition that has made news headlines all over the world, at Cape Town City Hall in the very space former-president Nelson Mandela made his first public speech just hours after his release from prison in 1990. What an exciting event!

Nelson Mandela Arrives At The InterContinental Hotel
This image is so powerful with its visual communication use of international symbols and bold colours. This has become a peace symbol for South Africa. This was done by the Mandela Poster Project Collective who made for a bold and bright statement piece. We love this iconic masterpiece. The poster project has been endorsed by Icograda (International Council for Communication Design) as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. The collection of the 95 exhibited posters can be viewed as a digital publication at the MPP official website:
Open Day23


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