Exhibition: Muse Montage

Eclectica Design & Art presents their new exhibition: Muse Montage. The group show looks at the idea of ‘muse’ and its manifestations in the creative process as the core theme for the exhibition. The identity and personification of the theme is explored in multiple ways, finding inspiration in a variety of muse-like icons, people and concepts. To muse over a particular idea or concept is integral to the process of creation. In looking towards art history, there has been a favouring of the idea of the male ‘genius’  which has resulted in the concept of the muse as a female body, which has been situated comfortably without much questioning. This exhibition serves as a space where this idea is considered and reconsidered in multiple ways by each artist’s creative process. Returning artist, Lars Fischedick explores the more abstract idea of muse as an alternative entity, in contemplation of geometric possibilities in Alp and Der Tacht Schwingt in die Nacht. James de Villiers explores facets of energetic manifestations in nature, which then becomes integral in his creative methodology. The repetitive pattern-like formations in his work Fallen Flowers shows his fascination with nature as a starting point on which to muse over. The intricate creations that Mark Rautenbach makes are produced by a transformative experience, where found materials are mused over and then re-imagined into new artworks. Dave Robertson’s emotional relationship to his subject matter results in expressive paintings saturated with mood and the abstracted presence of a personified muse, while Daya Heller honours the power of women and their innate qualities of vulnerable power and wisdom as inspiration for her work Body of Earth. The dreamlike images of Whose Land? is a series of mixed media works by Kathy Ackerman Robins and act as a visual reference to the past, layered with memory and inspired by nostalgic landscapes. The idea of musing on a subject ties into having a group show too. Each cubicle provides a space for the viewer to muse over the work of each artist, while the artworks form a collective focus on the theme to be considered throughout the exhibition. Muse Montage runs from the 4 August until 22 October 2016. Be sure to muse over the collection of work.

Promised Land
Der Tag Schwingt in Die Nacht Lars Fischedick
Whose Land Kathy Robins
Whose Land? : Kathy Robins
Fallen Flowers II James-de-Villiers
Fallen Flowers: II James-de-Villiers
Somewhere lowres
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