SA Decor and Design Buyers Guide at Decorex

If you’re looking to be uplifted, then visit our stand at Decorex today. Marcia Margolius has outdone herself this year – and has every reason to do so- it’s the celebration of our 20th edition of SA Decor & Design Buyer’s Guide.

Taking a radical and lively approach to decor and design, the stand has a rushing energy of personality and charisma. The stand is showcasing a great collection of contemporary furniture favourites. With eclectic, vibrant colours and furniture – the stand is a melting pot of clashing designs and genres and throwbacks to pop culture, with sculptures of pigs and multi-coloured skulls. People are being drawn to the silhouettes, cupcakes, brightly coloured animal pool loungers and the intricate details on the chairs placed around the table. The stand is officially a showstopper of note and we couldn’t be more excited to reel our existing community and clients in and invite new people to come and embrace how far we have come and how much further we plan to go. Come and celebrate the launch of the heritage edition with us today.






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