The Home Channel: Country Dreams

Country Dreams is a show focusing on exotic plants, noble vineyards and mystic medieval castles. In the second series, they once again take you to a selection of the most beautiful and breath-taking garden settings in Europe.

Each episode features a different country and region including France’s volcanic Auvergne, the buzzing German capital Berlin, as well as the enchanted Wallachia of Rumania. Their charming and carefully chosen protagonists all have their own story to tell. By inviting you to their gardens and homes, they let you catch a glimpse of their Country Dream. Crammed with insider tips and general information on the area, the series also presents some of the most charming, bizarre and ambitious gardeners. Whether they run a small organic herb garden in the Austrian Alps or an extensive noble vineyard in the Po valley, they all embody what a lot of us dream about today – the escape to the country, to an idyllic and tranquil life with its challenges and rewards.

Find out more about each episode on The Home Channel.


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