Chad O Chef: Best Braai Tips From The Fire & Feast Meat Festival Experts

To give you a taste of what to expect from this year’s Fire & Feast Meat Festival, heating up Joburg’s Ticketpro Dome from 8 to 10 June, we’ve chatted to some of the experts featuring at the meaty exhibition. Here are some top braai tips brought to you by Chad O Chef.

As leading manufacturers of gas braais, Chad-O-Chef has great insight into optimising your braai for the ultimate meaty feast. Top tips for your next braai include:

• Ribs – braai best on a medium heat. Often purchased pre-cooked ribs don’t need long on the braai before ready.

• Roasts (in a pan) – Pre-Heat the roasting dome, already installed on your braai, to 150°C using the outer-most burners on high and centre burners on their lowest setting (to create a convection heating effect). Glaze the roast with oil and seasoning and place them in a pan in the centre of the dome (preferably accompanied with potatoes to soak up the goodness!)

• Roasts (on rotisserie rod) – Pre-Heat the roasting dome with all burners on high to 150°C. Set your roast into the dome and lock all fixtures. Leave the dome open with all burners on high for the first 5 minutes to sear your roast, then turn any burners below your roast down to their lowest setting and place a roasting pan underneath the roast to catch drippings, for a gravy later. Check on your roast and re-baste often.


Featuring in this year’s Braaitology, brought to you by Chad-O-Chef, is the South African braai wonder and Chad-O-Chef ambassador, BraaiBoy. Having cooked on an open flame every day of his life for the past eight years, BraaiBoy has some must-try braai tips including:

• Quality over quantity. Don’t be afraid of spending a little more at a quality butcher.

• Don’t prod or poke boerewors … you lose a lot of the juices by doing that.

• Dip wors in water before braaing. This reduces the risk of breaking and, if your fire is too hot, turning the wors more frequently will also reduce the risk of bursting.

Tickets are still available from or at the door. No alcohol will be served to U18’s.

Fire & Feast Meat Festival 2018

Join us for this year’s hottest foodie event, the Fire & Feast Meat Festival presented by Crown National, which gets fired up from 8-10 June at Joburg's Ticketpro Dome. This quintessential proudly South African weekend-long love affair of meat, fire, braais and music promises to be the event of the year for all foodies and braai-masters.

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