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Spotlight: SAOTA ARRCC OKHA at Design Joburg

SAOTA ARRCC OKHA have designed this year’s Architects Gallery for Design Joburg, which took place at the Sandton Convention Centre last weekend.

In addition, Roxanne Kaye (SAOTA), Jon Case (ARRCC), and Adam Court (OKHA) made a featured appearance on a panel discussion with Graham Wood during the show.

We caught up with these three inspirational individuals about what inspires their creativity and the exciting new projects they have been involved in…

1. What’s your go-to colour choice?

The answer is unanimously black. Jon adds that he will stop loving black when they make something darker.

2. Is there a hotel, interior or building that most inspires your work?

As Adam Court says, “My tastes are broad and diverse, there’s no one thing that distils all, I’m a cultural, creative magpie.” While of a similar opinion, Jon notes “It varies all the time, it depends on so many things. I’m as inspired by Architecture and Design as I am about engineering and craft..It’s all connected”

3. A place you love to visit?

The answer is a renowned “Asia” (and a bit of Scandinavia). Adam chooses Tokyo (and any snow topped mountains), Jon opts for Japan and Norway and Rox says India first.

4. Where do you go to spot new styles and what can we expect to see from you?

Both Adam and Rox get inspiration from travel for new and reinvented ideas, a concept Jon reiterates saying “Nothing is new today … if you dig deep enough, but Fashion and Music inspire me which I think is a clash of cultures that I like the most. Also, I’m a maker at heart, I love being in my workshop… from Cars to Canvas. I find a lot of inspiration in the process of making…”

Adam is currently working on a collection of tables exploring Tribes past and present as well as chairs called “Praise in Shadows” in shades of black.

5. Do you have a favourite restaurant?

Rox’s favourite is the Yard for the “strongest coffee, best pizza, biggest frozen margaritas and loudest service.” Jon says “Test Kitchen and Ramen…. Most Ramen!”  Adam’s favourite Cape Town restaurant is The Shortmarket Club and when travelling he opts for strolling down back alleys and discovering hidden local gems.

6. Who or what is your biggest design influence?

While Jon says this question is “very hard to answer in a few words…Bauhaus probably”, Rox on the other hand says hers has “Always been Modernism, most recently Brazilian Modernism” and Adam’s is less pre-defined as he says “I just keep my eyes wide open and ears pricked.”

7. Any interesting projects you are working on?

This answer looks more like a map than a project list with Adam mentioning a Clifton Penthouse which OKHA and ARRCC are collaborating on. Jon talks about ARRCC working on a new project in Trinidad and Tobago. Great location…Portugal, Ibiza, Miami… and Rox says SAOTA are currently working on their first private residential projects in Brazil and Argentina.

With so much to look forward to, we can’t wait to see these and other projects come to life in the seasons ahead!

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