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Principia Design: A Very Unique Showroom for Exclusive Spaces

Recently Principia Design worked on a very unique showroom for Exclusive Spaces,
based in Cedar Square, Fourways. Exclusive Spaces has collaborated with local designers, craftsmen, and specialist manufacturers for bespoke furniture, décor, and other interior design services.

The brief for this project was simple, create a space that is well designed, multi-functional,
elegant, practical, and detailed. However, the size of the showroom became a challenge. During the design process, the team had to start with specifying all the shopfitted units and wall cladding.

One of the suppliers, Decor Surfaces really assisted in finding intriguing finishes that not only
created visual interest but possessed functional properties for high traffic areas. One of their products that not only inspired but really impressed, was the Imprezza Colourcore Top.

This product is supplied by Merino, a form of laminate that is engineered to be compact, dramatic, durable, and elegant. The Blanco Carrara is by far the most identical to your general white marble look, which we envisioned to be most fitting as a statement piece. This product is used in the kitchenette as a countertop that extends to the backsplash.

Another favourite from Decor Surfaces to  is the Xtone. A sophisticated continuous stone look that surpasses the Marble, Granite, Quartz, and common solid surface characteristics. The compact is made from pure raw materials which give it high resistant properties. Exclusive Spaces is extremely environmentally aware which motivated the team to find a product that is recyclable. The Glem White Polished will be seen on the Point of Sale Desk as well as the Consultation Desk.

Not least of all, is the Stoven used multiple times by Principa Design in their high-end projects. Another Merino product supplied by Decor Surfaces. The fiberglass board product has a thin stone veneer as its finish. Due to the finish being actual stone, this product can be used indoors or outdoors. Lightweight, flexible and eco-friendly, these properties are what makes this product inventive. The aesthetically interesting textures and colours that make up the natural stone make this product extraordinary. Exclusive Spaces will have the Earth Crust on display in large formats behind their retail shelving.

With these incredible features combined with a neutral theme, customers can experience the fully custom finishes on a blank canvas and envision their own styles and aesthetics. The showroom tells a story that inspires us to communicate details in a visual approach. Exclusive Spaces showroom will attract customers who are interested in the bespoke, carefully designed, and detailed furniture, décor, and other interior design services as the showroom is a direct reflection thereof.
Principia designs and realises unique bespoke spaces that captivate, inspire and successfully solve the individual needs of clients. They believe in developing transparent, lasting relationships with clients to better understand their needs, enabling the team to elevate both form and function in every space.
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