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Isabelina’s Top Interior Tips For Spring

Happy Spring Day! A new season means a new start and ushering in all the latest seasonal trends. We’re thrilled to bring you some of the latest interior design tips from the experts over at Isabelina.

According to the owner of Isabelina, Judith Matthews, colours, textures and patterns are the elements to style your home this Spring. She suggests using these key elements to create the mood in your home. You can create the feel of your space as a whole, or demarcate larger areas into smaller nooks for living.

This Spring sees Judith using bold colours, striking patterns and luxurious textures. We’re loving the change in seasons as a welcome opportunity to spruce up any space!

Judith has a few tips to use these stylistic building blocks to your advantage. Whether you are decorating from the ground up or adding pops of color to modernize a room…

Let’s take a closer look…

Embrace Neutrals

To create an aesthetic you won’t grow tired of, use neutral colors as a base. This will allow you to accessorize with pattern and textures. Usually, these are creams, taupes and greys. However, it could be navy and pale blue or black and white. Just be sure the base colours you select are colours you will enjoy living in.


Distribute Colour Naturally

Distribute colours naturally, with darker colors on and near the floor, medium to light colours on the walls, and light colours on the ceiling, to draw the eye up – keeping in mind that light, cool colors on walls make rooms seem spacious – perfect for smaller areas where you then have the freedom to use strong accent colours in small amounts to make a stylish impact for a lasting impression.

Learn To Mix Patterns Like A Pro

Mix patterns and designs, such as checks or geometrics with floral, or large patterns with smaller patterns, but no more than three different patterns that contrast in scale but relate in colour. Remember – more is more when it comes to stand-out designs and too many will make a space feel cluttered.

Welcome Textures

Traditional decor calls for refined, luxurious, and smooth textures while contemporary design needs more textural interest, not to mention, the more neutral a room is in colour, the more important texture becomes to create interest. Heavy textures such as tweeds and thick wools can bulk the appearance of a small area, so use them sparingly in confined spaces.

There are no hard and fast rules – new décor trends suggest a newfound boldness where colors, wallpapers, textures and pattern designs are concerned, though, to create a timeless space, these tips will give you a guideline!

Or you may want to take the guesswork out completely – if so, contact Isabelina Interior Concepts for a consultation – their interior design consultants have years of experience in transforming your visions into reality with ease – whether a single room makeover or a turn-key design! Let them bring your dreams to life!


For more visit Isabelina.

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