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Cooked Studio Unveils The Susu Bubble Tea Concept Cafe

The all-new Susu Bubble Tea Concept Cafe is a fun, energetic rebrand of Momo Tea, now close to the centre of Cape Town. As the original suppliers of bubble tea in South Africa since 2018, they serve fresh and original Taiwanese bubble tea with drink variations imported directly From Taiwan.

The interior design was conceptualised and executed in full by Mel Cook, from Cooked Studio. As Susu (then called Momo) company were already planning to re-brand, with a white box space, designers had a blank canvas to work with. As a result, they had pretty much full-range to play with colour and texture within a relatively small space.

The brief for the new Susu Bubble Tea Concept Café resulted from the raving Tiktok and Instagram exposure by trendy teens and vibey varsity students the Bubble Tea brand had received via their Momo kiosk in Canal Walk, which was designed as a very simple kiosk by Cooked Studio in 2021.  As a result of their online success, Susu founders Henrry Francisco Castillo Kanashiro and Samuel Boaz reconnected with Mel Cook from Cooked Studio to create a highly Instagram and Tiktok-worthy beverage café closer to the centre of Cape Town.


A whole new world

 “One of the elements I have always loved about the client’s original branding was the little animal character on their cups depicted by the nose and whiskers. I started to think about who this little character was, what his world would look like, who his friends would be, and most importantly, what if we created this little world within a retail space, where the customer became the character exploring each corner of the fantasy?”

Using bright colours juxtaposed with a simple monochromatic pattern, each corner of the space became an opportunity to create a different photo opportunity so that customers could invite their online communities to share in the playful adventures of the Susu space via social media.

Feng Shui

 Another essential aspect to consider was implementing Feng Shui, especially when working with a Taiwanese brand. Therefore, it felt right to consider the culture of the people behind the product and the auspicious components when creating the space plan that would bring Susu’s business success.


Some feng shui challenges in the store’s skeleton were that there are two entrances. According to feng shui, the entrances need to be managed so that money doesn’t flow in one door to simply fly straight out the second. Mel explains: “We mitigated this issue by creating a curved wall at the second entrance to guide customers to bring traffic from both entrances directly to the bubble tea where the product is sold. This is done while bringing a sense of intimacy to the playful lounge area. Secondly, we incorporated the addition of a live rubber plant at the store entrance (live plants with rounded leaves symbolize luck and prosperity).”

Each detail was custom made and curated to fit into the Susu fantasy world. Cooked Studio worked with some incredible teams to realize this magical store.



Suppliers and partners involved:

 Interior photography: Lionel Henshaw Photography

Project management and build: Teqture/ JKL Holdings

Plant sourcing styling and installation: Naak Botanical Studio

Custom sofas and upholstery: Hertex Fabrics and Girafffe Designs

Decorative Vases: Bloom Space

Banana artwork: Dustin Ryan of Render Intent design studio

Instagram Handles: @cookedstudio @susububbleteaza

Plans for the future?

 Susu is planning to franchise and create even more fun, flavourful drinks, so customers are consistently pleasantly surprised by their broad product offering. Furthermore, Mel is looking forward to expanding Cooked Studio within the next few months and plans to start setting up some new work in Europe soon.




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