What’s the difference between hiring a designer and a decorator?

Sometimes in life, a little creative guidance goes a long way. If you’re looking for someone to help realise the decorative potential of your home or office, you might want to call in a designer or a decorator. But what’s the difference between the two? So often design and interior decorating are mistaken for being the same thing, but the terms are not interchangeable. While both professionals share many similarities, interior design is a profession which requires specific schooling and formal training. The work involved usually includes studying colour and fabric, computer-aided design (CAD & Other training programs) training, drawing, space planning, furniture design, architecture and more. Designers are comfortable with spatial planning and can help design and renovate interiors, right from drawing up the initial floor plans to placing the last decorative accent. They don’t just enhance the look; they enhance the function of a room. Interior decorators often work closely with architects and contractors to help achieve the look the client desires, whether that client is designing a residential home, an office, a hotel, or any other interior space. Contact DDL to find the right interior decorator or designer to meet your special requirements.
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