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This year’s most decadent velvet trend comes to life at DDL

It’s sumptuous. It’s luxurious. It was often used by European royalty and nobility during the 16th and 17th centuries.  It also has that feel of Hollywood regency, but still works well in any modern home…

Velvet Drapes. While an increasing number of international celebrities have been spotted wearing velvet, the classic 90’s blast from the past has not just made a return to our runways, but also to the luxurious comfort of our homes. Nothing warms up a room like velvet curtains.

So, let’s talk about how you can incorporate winter’s top trend into your everyday home décor:

Less is more, but not always…

Velvet can be quite an expensive fabric, and not everybody can afford to drape their entire house in this extravagant material. But, if you like the luminous look of velvet, bear in mind that price denotes quality and life-span. Buying the cheapest curtains you can find may mean that you’re ultimately sacrificing on things like noise absorption or fire resistance, and increasing the chance that the curtains will retain dirt and dust, or fray easily. Luckily, velvet is a pretty universal material. So rather layer your velvet curtains with a mixture of fabrics and texture (linen and taffeta) to make it go further, or choose one room in your home you can splurge on. The colour of your dreams

While all colors are beautifully enriched by velvet, it can be quite tricky to pull off in lighter shades.  Rich, intense colours with deeper tones usually work better:

Golden Delicious   Regal Red   Moody Blues   Black Beauty  Selective style

Velvet looks great in a living room, and is wonderfully cozy in a bedroom or even a library. Those are all sort of personal rooms. On the other hand, don’t use it in a breakfast room or kitchen – it’s hard to rid velvet of oily stains. You don’t need to stop at curtains, though. A simple red velvet accent colour on dining chairs is all that’s needed to bring bold chic to a room. Or, add some oomph to a white settee with lush velvet pillows. Beauty and the drapes

Apart from the aesthetic exclusivity it gives a room, and the thickness and dense fibres of the cloth that insulate the room against moisture and cold, Velvet also ages really well. Because Velvet is a heavy durable fabric with a strong sheen, it tends to last longer than other fabrics. DDL consultants are friendly, professionals who stay current with the latest home décor trends, including custom-made window blinds and specialty drapery designs. They know how to translate your dreams of stylish, functional windows into reality. So why not cosy up your home with warm woods, intimate designs and comfortable windows that ward off the chill with these great offers from DDL until end June 2017:

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For more information on DDL Design and Decor full-service décor and design services, or to schedule a private consultation, call us on 011 262 5225. You can also send an email to for more information. 

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