Stand 47: Positive Feedback

There’s no better way to really understand how Stand 47 works than to hear it from the people that experienced it. Highlighting their first impressions, experience, overnight interaction and an all-in-all relation to the house, we have given you a good idea of what to expect if you’re looking to apply these layouts, constructs and building materials to your land.


Neal Henry is part of the Global Corporate Coverage team from Barclays Africa Group Limited which is the Banking partner for Saint Gobain in Sub-Saharan Africa. He was drawn to the minimalist design of the house and the acoustics were significantly different to that he expected. He was pleasantly surprised at how the house maintains internal temperature.The flow of the house surprised him the most. The fine balance between the light, acoustics and the ambient temperature is perfect, making the house exceptionally comfortable and awesome to live in. Andrew and Tracey Johnson co-own a Boutique Interior Design Studio called And More Design, which offers high-quality interior design solutions to businesses and private individuals who prefer to separate themselves from mass-produced options. They found the house very impressive and enjoyed the considered and simple design. Based on this experience they would be hard pressed to build a new home using traditional bricks and mortar. German Otto Bodenbender, an Argentinian architect now living in Johannesburg, spent this past weekend at Stand 47. German has built up significant experience working at international and local architectural and urban design firms and currently works as an architect and BIM coordinator at one of South Africa’s largest architectural practices, Boogertman + Partners. The layout is very simple and has a clean design. The interior spaces open up to the outside, allowing natural light into the home while letting the surrounding outdoor environment form part of the house. The house is the perfect result of contemporary and flexible design with outstanding thermal and acoustics performance. It doesn’t compromise quality in any aspects of the design or construction. Contact: Saint Gobain SA


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