Redesign Interiors: Colour is on trend for 2017

Go bold, go colourful or go home

Looking at the new trends going forward, Redesign Interiors claims that the power of the colour has returned. After seeing a lot of monochromatic patterns and solids in last year’s trends, it seems like a great thing to inject back into our lives: a little bit of colour.

Their aim is to merge more blush and sage combos, so create something unique, different and innovative- it’s all about designing for the individual and not around what is fashionable. Colour is the best way to bring life and fabulousness to any space, but many people are afraid of colour or don’t know how to use it correctly. The best way to add any pop of colour is through a slick new paint. If you decide you don’t like it, then it is only paint after all and you can change it up again.

Redesign Interior’s advice is to start with your favourite colour and then choose a slightly lighter, greyed tone of that colour, so as not to be too bright. Buy a small sample of the paint first and paint a sample on your wall approximately 1m x 1m, then live with it for a couple days. Look at it in all sorts of light and decide if you like or not. If you do, then just go for it. You will most likely find that after your first wall success, you won’t want to stop, and why should you? Want in on some of their designer secrets? They will be sharing a top design tip per month, so be sure to tune in monthly for some design inspo and insider trading secrets. Watch this space.

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