iStudio Architecture Reveal A Softer Side Of Brick

Feature image courtesy of AN Clicks Photography Among the rural settlements of Wada – near Mumbai, India – a 232-m2 brick house firmly roots itself between stretches of farmland and hilly terrain. But this brick house is no ordinary building. Those who enter it are instantly drawn into an unfamiliar, yet strangely wonderful space. Inspired by the philosophies and works of architects Laurie Baker and Nari Gandhi, iStudio Architecture have created a structure, which leads the occupant along a visual journey – one that challenges them to interact with their surroundings by constantly revealing new observations at each turn. Constructing The Wada Brick Farmhouse Those that are familiar with Laurie Baker’s distinct architectural style will instantly notice his influence in the cost-effective and energy-efficient building approach. By using techniques such as rat-trap bond brickwork, the architects were able to reduce the amount of building material needed, create natural insulation, as well as provide readymade conduits for electrical work. And after discovering a local brick kiln that provided well-finished good quality bricks, costs were further reduced due to minimal transportation. In addition to this, the strategic use of jalis negated the need for windows or glass shutters, as they allowed for effective cross ventilation – this technique was acquired from the local age-old custom of using jalis for small openings.
Image: Organic Architecture At Its Finest Comprised of curved walls and arches, the circular planning of the house gives it a profound sense of harmony and interconnectivity. From room to room and interior to exterior, the transition between different spaces is seamless. Such fluid motion, or effortless flow is a prominent characteristic of organic architecture – a design process and philosophy practiced by famous architects, such as Nari Gandhi. iStudio Architecture have captured the very essence of this philosophy – not only in the building’s organic form, but also in its utilization of natural lighting and exposed brick. With such innovative building techniques and design artistry, the architects have created a truly mesmerising structure that reveals a softer side of brick.
Images: AN Clicks Photography


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