House tour: Weatherboard cottage

Another of Australian interior designer Lyn Gardener’s creations (see The White Room) is The Estate Trentham, a rustic retreat only an hour from Melbourne. Lyn renovated this 1902 weatherboard cottage in ten weeks, retaining its old character, yet making is stylishly comfortable for guests. With a vast amount of space in the living room, open to natural light, a fireplace, and a wonderful selection of couches and armchairs, the space seems to be portrayed as homey setting. The bathroom looks like a sanctuary, as its large free standing bath sits aside to the window, opening its greenery to bask in the room. Minimally styled throughout the house, with a touch of nature in the bedroom, this space allows for peace of mind when you enter its dimensions.  

weatherboard cottage1
weatherboard cottage3
weatherboard cottage4
weatherboard cottage5
Spotted on Photos by Lisa Cohen via Turbulences Deco


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