House Tour: Using Period pieces in a Parisian Home

Situated in the lovely, modern centre of Fontainebleau, Paris, this renovated family home shares its period features, such as panelling, mouldings, ornate cornices, which sit well alongside the fresh new and period interiors. It is hard not to envy the art deco flooring that compliments the narrow tall antique casing to the mirror in the entrance hall, while the rich turquoise hues keeps the mood of the sitting room sensual, passionate and vivid. This goes along with the bold bronze standing lamp and retro fitted arm chairs. Pairing up the wooden floors and white walls in the kitchen and bedroom allows for the different sets of wallpaper to provide personality in the rooms with period pieces. On a whole, this home keeps the rhythm alive with juxtaposed patterns, geometric fittings and intricate surfaces. What appears as a vast amount of space doesn’t disappear from the cosy atmosphere.

Period house1
Period house13
Period house14
Period house15
  Via Design by Royal   


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