House Tour : Soft and Subtle apartment

The first vision of the imagery that catches my eye is how the space looks lived in. The bedroom has a coat hanging on the bed, a pair of shoes left beside the bed and a bag laying on the table at the bottom of the bed. The same applies in the dining area, which is refreshing to view, as many photographers take us through house tours that are styled to perfection, while this one gives us a feel of the people who live there, and what they do once they return home from a day of work or activities. The beautiful light-filled apartment in Hellerup, Denmark is uncomplicated, clean and well balanced, with a soft and subtle mood. The minimal, modern look with white shutters on the windows, white trims and a splash of soft colour on the walls and the washed-out floorboards has such an stylish easy charm about it.

Soft and Subtle Living1
Soft and Subtle Living2
Soft and Subtle Living3
Soft and Subtle Living4


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