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House tour- Scandinavian style in India

Scandinavian influences in the home, in one’s decor choices and even in the office are on the rise in societal trends currently, and who are we to complain – there is always an abundance of looks and furniture to choose from. Ravindra, head of Image Box in New Delhi, is the prime example of what Scandinavian style can look like in a country often celebrated for its colourful, custom made design.  In this Scandinavian design, its vision is pure, sweet and homey. The interplay between light, textures and materials is just amazing and the pops of personality shining through makes us think Ravindra is a sweetheart by nature, has a good for detail and would definitely know how to spoil his guests with a yummy meal in his corner kitchen nook.  Scandinavian Style1 Scandinavian Style2 Scandinavian style33 Scandinavian style44 Via Plascon-Iceland22

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