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House Tour: Rich hues of grey

Styled by Kojabu Interior and Lifestyle

Greyscale used to be something we did to our images to subdue the colours down and create a background image. Well, when it comes to grey, it’s function has changed and its lifeline is all about being in the foreground. This is especially evident in the interiors set out from Kojabu Interior and Lifestyle. With a rich and approachable selection of hues, complimented by scatters, plants and assorted shapes of furniture, this space calls on our senses, riveting with homeliness.

From the armchairs greeting guests in the entranceway with a wall colour that commands the space and pendant lighting that showcases the ample space that the solid white and greys create, there is life and stillness and strength throughout the home. Kojabu Interior and Lifestyle’s approach to interiors is timeless with an eternal slant of the doctrines and ethics of design. This engaging formula has give them the platform to host top end clients and the successful completion of numerous projects both residential and commercial.

Kojabu offers an all inclusive design service and are well respected to follow a cost effective approach while working with reputable subcontractors and craftsmen that understands their vision. They offer renderings, sketches and mood boards for each project, aiding to the process with meticulous attention to detail. House Tour: Rich hues of grey InteriorJacobKojabu JacobKojabu13 Get to know Kojabu Interior & Lifestyle here. plascon-iceland22-610x234

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