house tour: Renovated home in the countryside in Normandy

This renovated house is located in Normandy, just off Northern France’s coastline of beaches and cliffs. Nestled in the countryside, this family house has benefited from a total renovation supported by A + B Kasha, highlighting its beams and warm wooden floors. Charming, quaint and cosy, the pieces chosen represent an endearing warmth. I can imagine knitting or getting involved in a really good book on the rocking chair and inviting my family into the lounge to enjoy each other’s company on a lazy Sunday. The master bedroom is located in the former barn, making it especially beautiful knowing its history and culture has been revamped into something a bit more liveable. 

Renovated Home1
Renovated Home2
Renovated Home3
Renovated Home4
Via Photos: Idha Lindhag


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