House Tour: Clean Contemporary beach house

 Everything about this revamped beach house boasts a tranquil setting. From the modern bookshop format which can slit in any ornaments, plants or collections of any sort, to what feels like swollen translucent hanging lamps above the kitchen,in this home, everything has its place. There is a central discipline in the house, as each piece of furniture belongs to a set or a standalone feature point. Even the bathroom taps’ design feature is elegant, androgynous and easy to use. Don’t even get me started on the bedroom- imagine waking up to that view each morning, where the greenery is so close, your surroundings feel like they awaken you. The same applies to the kitchn area as the open windows allow you to view all the way to the beach, which makes for a lively mood in most. What a beautiful and breathable place to make your sanctuary.
Beach House Living55
Beach House Living56
Beach House Living57
Beach House Living58
Beach House Living59


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