Frank Bohm: Freedom Corridor in Namibia

Frank Bohm has taken on a new architectural project based in Namibia called The Freedom Corridor . The founding concept for the proposed development is to introduce buildings that exist harmoniously together and comprehend the African Lifestyle, a melting pot of vibrancy, community prosperity and the embrace of our diverse colourful lifestyle. With urban development that is largely reminiscent of the modernist era’s mandate which proclaimed the separation of city functions, they had a clear mandate to focus on everyday activities, such as living, working, playing, entertaining and moving. The Freedom Corridor 1990 will be developed to be a world-class precinct that is entrenched with local flavour and that showcases a contemporary Namibia.

Freedom corridor first impressions
Freedom corridor first life in the market
Freedom Corridor Floor Plan
Freedom corridor birds eye view
Contact: Frank Böhm Studio  


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