Decor and Design Spotlight: Tessa Proudfoot

Marcia Margolius  present the first Spotlight on SA Decor and Design Stand at Decorex 2016. In these posts, industry greats are asked a series of questions about their imprint on the industry. First up is Tessa Proudfoot – an award-winning, Johannesburg-based interior designer that specialises in the turnkey creation of personalised lifestyle interiors for discerning individuals and boutique establishments in the hospitality industry.

Robert Thomson, Tessa Proudfoot and Marcia Margolius
Robert Thomson, Tessa Proudfoot and Marcia Margolius

Up close and personal with Tessa Proudfoot:
SA Decor: What is your signature style?
Tessa: Comfortable, eclectic, sumptuous and individual.
SA Decor: Where do you find inspiration?
Tessa: In travel, movies and books.
SA Decor: How do you stay up to date with current trends?
Tessa: I don’t really follow trends in my work, however I really enjoy looking at blogs and reading design magazines for references to see what else is out there. I particularly enjoy the European architectural digests, as well as visiting fairs such as Maison Objet in Paris. SA Decor: What does a successful project mean to you?
Tessa: Happy clients are the first and foremost key to success. I can’t rest until I feel that the integrity of the project has been followed through to the last detail.
SA Decor: If you had to give one piece of design advice, what would that be?
Tessa: Harmony is found in balance: a great interior always has a perfect mix of proportion, texture and colour.
SA  Decor: What inspired you to go into your design profession?
Tessa: As a small child, I loved paging through books with beautiful gardens and homes. From then on, I always knew I wanted to create beautiful spaces.
SA Decor: Your top five favourite pieces 
Tessa: The Tulip Table, All Gold Eiffel Arm Chair, Swan Pool floats, portable pool lights and the children’s furniture- especially the Eames Ellie.



Contact: Tessa Proudfoot


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