Collaboration by way of design

A beautiful collaboration when the client challenges the designer to deliver their vision. A true inspiration of design. An extension to the Designers supply chain, to produce a one of a kind unique piece. A pair of ficus stumps, a rustic aspect in its rawest most purest state. Highlighted are the allures of flaws that compliment the natural appearance of the roots which are enhanced as an aesthetic feature. These structures are a stretch of nature displaying gradients of textures and layers celebrating the natural beauty of wood. These reclaimed roots create a contrast of disrupted lines in detail finished with a crystal clear glass to top and complete the table. The two materials then integrate an existing setting that is expressive of the clients aesthetic feel and a unique blend of design. The table is placed below a setting of pre existing colorful and playful retro multi pendants that hang from the ceiling. This table is a complete feature of natures extraordinary skill, an execution of classic grandeur. MoLeMo Design is a Brand that translates form into function with a purpose. Inspired by a fresh edge of combining respective design elements aimed to lure and aesthetically please. The brand extends into a range of furniture and deco items, were we create functional pieces with a purpose. The MoLeMo Range is self inspired and reflects upon a great passion and love for design.

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