Afro identity: BOS and Haldane Martin

BOS, the proudly South African ice tea company, is known for its striking branding, brightly coloured packaging and iconic Afro identity. “Not just an ice tea” forms the core of the brand’s ethos. BOS aims to engage, have fun, provide joyful experiences and share a sense of life and living with the world.

After collaborating on the BOS Expo stand in 2012, the brand has commissioned Haldane Martin to design the interior for its new office extension. Located in Fairweather House in the centre of Woodstock’s creative business hub, an old industrial building has been converted into an office space that houses art galleries, a publisher and small local businesses.

BOS wanted to create a cibrant, colourful and casual work environment that would add a splash of colour and flavour to the commercial block. The new office extension includes a new reception area, an ice tea bar, a hot desk for sales and marketing, and meeting spaces. Throughout the space, design elements speak to the primary colour scheme of the BOS brand, while the repetition of circular elements reinforces the shape of the company logo.

The compelling reception incorporates the BOS Expo stand, designed by Haldane Martin, which includes a prime place for the award-winning BOS Vending Robot that urges consumers to “tweet for tea”.

The Expo stand playfully converts stacked yellow BOS Ice Tea cans into a screen of “tall grass”. Having recently launched a BOS Sport drink bottle, its colourful plastic bottle became the perfect building component for new design features within the office interior.

Haldane Martin used these to create colourful geodesic dome lights, a light-hearted reference to Buckminster Fuller’s architectural geodesic dome structures. These punctuate the semi-industrial space with an element of enjoyment while speaking to the BOS ethos of sustainability.

The design team also created a pixelated screen behind the reception desk using the same bottles mounted onto a wire mesh grid, creating a pattern with a game-like quality and drawing on the connotations of a sports pitch. This sits alongside the Expo stand and is accentuated by a dynamic faceted branded reception desk in bold yellow.

The Ice Tea bar and hot desk area on the bamboo flooring, has been raised on green plastic packing crates. This is in keeping with the packaging concept and serves to offset the dominant primary colours with a natural finish that creates cohesion with the raw industrial brick wall.

The final furnishings include a long hot desk with swing-out stools, based on the original design for Truth Coffee HQ but customised in BOS’s signature bright yellow. A branded portal window cordons off the space while allowing in natural light. The remaining area has been furnished with brightly coloured design classics and, of course, strategically placed, well-stocked BOS Ice Tea fridges.

Haldane Martin’s combination of innovative yet quirky design elements with iconic features expresses the forward-thinking mindset of the brand, while translating these through the clever use of upcycled materials and in an energetic colour palette constantly reinforces the brand’s identity.

The overall result? An uplifting work environment which reflects the heart of the BOS ethos.








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