Renée de Waal and Janel Schorr from XPERIENCEMAKERS, says that a core facet of their business is to recreate spaces that are tired and outdated. They decided to apply the same rule to their website and hope you feel inspired to start creating an exceptional space.   They believe that rebranding is a big part of any company’s transformation. Renée says; “We wanted our logo and website to explain what we do without us having to. Our new home features softer lines and visuals, to communicate that we not only offer structural and interior architecture services but also design and décor.” Janel adds, “The new site is more relevant to our core offering, and we have kept it simple and easy to navigate.”   Take a look at their portfolio page, which showcases their distinctive attention to detail. If you like what you see; sign up to their newsletter on the website, where they will keep you up-to-date on their latest projects, specials and blog posts.   You’ve most likely dined; enjoyed some wine; stayed over; or attended a wedding at a few of the renovated spaces XPERIENCEMAKERS have touched with their innate skill. A few of my favourites:     AVENUES GUEST LODGE: The client’s brief was to create an environment with English country charm. This vision was brought to life by enhancing the existing heritage structure with new finishes, and furnishing the space with a combination of modern and traditional furniture and fabrics.

THE BARN: On Diamant Estate. XPERIENCEMAKERS had to convert an old stable into a breakfast room. Through contemporary lines, and graphical use of imagery from the farm, the space is given new purpose whilst celebrating its heritage.
THE WHITE LOTUS:  They had to carry out an extensive upgrade, both structurally as well as aesthetically, on a somewhat neglected 1800s Heritage beauty, which was previously utilised as office space and needed to accommodate a holistic healing space.
Contact: www.xperiencemakers.co.za


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