Skinny laMinx is in full celebration this year and are calling upon fellow designers to paint our Creative Cape Town yellow! OWN IT, PAINT IT, WORK IT has been released in the spirit of all things WDC2014 and Skinny laMinx designer, Heather Moore aims at stimulating, engaging and motivating creatives from our vibrant city to make this year-long event their own.

own it paint it work it
OWN IT: “There’s no point in waiting for someone else to organise something before you get involved. If we sit around waiting, our year as World Design Capital will be over before we know it!” says, Heather. Skinny laMinx has an exciting program of collaborative projects for 2014 with the view to strengthening the local creative community. All year long, Heather will be trumpeting #WDC2014 across Skinny laMinx digital platforms.
Skinny laMinx WDC2014 shop window 1
PAINT IT: ““Yellow = World Design Capital 2014” so that every time someone sees it, they are reminded of the magic of WDC2014 .  Yellow (Pantone 109C) is the official WDC2014 colour! Plascon has brought us the new ‘Cape Town Yellow’. Skinny laMinx has already enthusiastically embraced the colour by transforming the window of the Bree Street store into a celebration of the colour.
Skinny laMinx WDC2014 shop window 3
WORK IT:  A stream of top international design magazines visited Skinny laMinx on Bree Street, expressing their bewilderment at the lack of a celebratory display in shops and on the streets.  Skinny laMinx shop has been photographed for WDC2014 due to their exciting window display and will be published far and wide. Heather asks other Capetonian designers to grab this opportunity to get their businesses noticed all year long by celebrating this year by making an effort to be noticed by all our international visitors!
Check out the inspiring piece produced by MonocleTV on WDC2014 here! It perfectly summarises the impact it will have on the people of Cape Town and Skinny laMinx is delighted to have been featured. Contact: www.skinnylaminx.com


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