Ultimate Sound- The yamaha YSP CU4300

The slim, high sound quality digital sound projector from Yamaha has a wireless active subwoofer which delivers exceptionally high surround sound performance as well as a wireless music streaming and USB digital connection. Wow that is a mouthful and a half, and we absolute love this cutting edge technology. Seeking the best possible sound quality, every element was rigorously selected and ideally balanced, into one single form. From this uncompromising process, a new YSP shape emerged. Ideal speaker unit size and layout. A chassis forged of aluminium for high rigidity. And complementing Yamaha’s emphasis on sound, a black mirror finish. The result is a centre unit and subwoofer whose design is based on a firmly established plan. What a wonderful attribute to our homes.


Contact www.yamaha.co.za

For more information contact: + 27 11 259 7802 / chantel@baudio.co.za


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