Trendy, clever and fun products for children at Ambiente 2016

Bringing up children can be a stressful business. It is significantly easier for children and adults alike, if the things that have to be done are also fun – with the help of some of the extremely attractive and educational products that will be on display at Ambiente in Frankfurt from 12 to 16 February 2016. Less kitsch and more sensitive designs and intelligent ideas: that is the alpha and omega of contemporary products for children. Today’s younger generation knows what it wants and wants to be taken seriously. Exhibitors in all three major product areas at Ambiente – Dining, Giving and Living – have trends available that both cater for children’s tastes and surreptitiously help to encourage good behaviour. Attending the show in 2016 are suppliers specialising in children’s products such as, amongst others, the Coppenrath Verlag publishing house (Spiegelburg), Haba and Sheepworld, and including companies such as Essenza Home and WMF, who carry children’s collections as well as their lines for adults. Food ‘n fun Cooking, baking and roasting are all trend areas for adults. And the little ones, too, can get very enthusiastic about the kitchen – especially when they are allowed to try things out for themselves. They can learn to chop things up safely with the elegant and cleverly thought-out knife set ‘Le petit Chef’ by Opinel: while a ring attached to both the kitchen knives and potato peeler stops little fingers from slipping onto the blade, a special finger-protector prevents injury to the other hand. So little chefs can now learn to use sharp tools without hurting themselves. The Opinel brand will be represented at Ambiente by the C. Jul. Herbertz GmbH company. Once the meal is prepared, the next challenge is to eat it properly. The children’s cutlery by WMF is not only ideally matched to small hands in terms of size and shape, it also makes it fun and encourages them to eat willingly, with motifs taken from the ever-popular Jungle Book and Mickey Mouse. Wood beats pixels The ‘Naseweis’ project (literally ‘smart Alec’) proves that science can be fun. Microscopes, surfers, Roman writing tablets and magic stamps – not only do these clever ideas for games give children an appetite for nature and technology, they also have positive social origins. The high-quality wooden toys are made, in the Ostalb workshops of the Neresheim Samaritans Foundation, by 400 people with mental or physical impairments. The IQ tests, produced by Fridolin, are definitely for the more advanced children. Unlike with virtual games, it is not only one’s head that counts, but also one’s skill. Ambiente is the world’s leading international trade fair for products for the table, kitchen and household, gift articles, jewellery, wellness and fashion requisites, as well as decorative products, interior design concepts and furnishing accessories.



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