Tremendous Timber in Your Home

Wood is a great green construction material – it is both sustainable and renewable when it is sourced from sustainably managed forests and mills. Says Cobus Lourens from Swartland: “Forests help the earth to sequestrate carbon, and you can promote forestation and timber economies when they choose to use sustainable wood products.” What a brilliant concept.  “Timber is a renewable resource – if managed correctly, trees can be harvested and replanted or regrown. It is also a really durable product – timber joinery lasts for an average of 35 years. Furthermore, it is easily reused, recycled or broken down into compost after use. It is also highly efficient in use, and it is an excellent insulator. And last, but certainly not least – wood adds a timeless, rich and beautiful organic aesthetic to any building it graces.” Take a look at how Timber can make your home look beautiful.

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