LED lighting is arguably the future of lighting for your home, garden and office. So says Melissa Davidson from The Lighting Warehouse, who goes on to add: “LED lighting might not be the cheapest type of lighting out there, but it is certainly the most energy-efficient and long-lasting, two factors that tend to mitigate the initial expense.”


Melissa provides the top six reasons why you should switch to LED lighting throughout your home, garden or office space as soon as possible:


1.)  Save money on your lighting bill: Although the initial cost of an LED globe is generally higher than the cost of any other energy efficient globe, the saving can be recouped over time. This is due to the fact that an LED globe lasts a minimum of five times longer than a CFL globe and the LED globe will use considerably less energy during its lifespan as well. If you are still using incandescents, you can save up to 90% energy by simply switching to an LED globe.

2.)  LED globes are not hazardous in any way: Although CFL globes can be defined as being energy efficient, they do contain a small amount of mercury. So, if the CFL globe breaks, the globe is required to be treated as a hazardous material, as mercury powder is poisonous. LED globes on the other hand, do not contain any mercury.

3.)  LED globes are recyclable – all the components of an LED globe are recyclable, which makes them an even greener choice of lighting, as this fact seriously reduces the overall cradle-to-grave carbon footprint of LED lighting.

4.)  Access to instant light: When switching on a CFL globe, there will be a slight warming up process before full brightness is achieved. Some may even flicker while they are starting up. However, LED globes offer a full and steady illumination the second they are switched on – which is a real advantage, especially for lights around the home that are switched on and off regularly.

5.)  Dimmable light: In the past, you weren’t able to dim LED globes at all. However, today, you can purchase dimmable LED globes that are designed to work with purpose-built LED dimmer switches. This is great news, as now you can use LED lighting in areas in the home where ambient or mood lighting is important, such as the lounge and dining room for example.

6.)  No heat build-up: During our hot summers, we are always looking at ways to keep the interiors of our homes cooler. Traditional incandescent lighting, which includes halogen lighting, is actually one of the main culprits when it comes to unnecessary in-home heat generation. By contrast, LED globes remain cool when functioning. The new generation LED household globe normally includes a heat sink (the part just under the glass globe) that is designed to keep operating temperatures as low as possible.


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