Toast of the Taverns

An interior design solution that finally respects tavern culture has earned a prestigious international award and several local awards, not to mention record sales and will soon be rolled out nationwide. Township taverns are sociable but often, rudimentary places. Historically, advertising collateral in this context has responded by being cheap and basic, and competition between beer brands is tough: rivals rips down, cover or paint over competitor branding. The resulting environment is not a pretty one. Cutting through this clutter to reach consumers is a real challenge for brand managers. To make matters worse, for decades, tavern owners have been legally required to serve drinks from behind ugly security “cages” generally resembling prison bars. The difficulty for Windhoek Lager and its company, Brandhouse, lay in creating a point of difference in this challenging advertising environment. Windhoek took their own route with their advertising company The Jupiter Drawing Room and Inhouse Brand Architects for a solution. The Inhouse team came up with a concept for an innovative Point of Sale bar grille. Creative Director Aidan Hart and principle designers Cara Siegers and Michael Kiek worked with Jupiter to incorporate the Windhoek logo into the metalwork of the grille. Inhouse cleverly included built-in bottle openers and a lockable security hatch, for added functionality. The end result constitutes a South African first! Not only is the Windhoek brand messaging impossible to deface or remove but support from communities for being the first beer brand to treat tavern culture with a level of sophistication has translated into a sales uplift. Inhouse’s grille concept has improved venues by being decorative, offers built-in functionality, obeys the law and places permanent branding where it works best. They have been awarded a Silver Lion for Point of Sale at this years Cannes Lion Awards held from 16 to 22 June 2013. The success of this project has paved the way for other brands to invest more heavily in tavern environments. Take a look at the brilliant concept.




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