The next generation water bar

Say hello to BIBO; the next generation Water Bar which allows you to boil, chill and pre-set the temperature of your water- all at the touch of a button. The sophisticated multistage filtration system and touch-screen control panel can be easily set, allowing you to regulate the temperature and quantity of water required, sleep mode settings and so much more.


The double child lock ensures extreme safety of use. Over time, BIBO has proved itself to be more efficient and affordable than a conventional kettle and water dispenser. What are the benefits you ask?

  1. Purity: BIBO’s ultra-sophisticated multistage water filtration and powerful UV filter ensures 100% cleanliness of drinking water.
  2. All in one: Enjoy all your water requirements in one machine. No more having to switch between the kettle, boiler and cold water dispenser etcetera.
  3. Energy efficiency: BIBO automatically goes to sleep if not use for a duration of time. One can also program the system to come on and go to sleep at certain times of the day to suit your personal lifestyle. BIBO uses less energy than a kettle which boils more water than is actually required. BIBO boils the exact amount of water required and keeps it at a specified temperature, much like a flask.
  4. Conservation: BIBO helps you save water by reducing the amount of times you turn the tap on and off, alternating between hot and cold.
  5. Convenience: Make drinks in a flash with chilled and boiled water available on demand, meaning you can spend less time fussing in the kitchen and more time doing the things that matter to you.
  6. Stylish: BIBO is available in ten funky colours to suit your preference and décor.
  7. Environmentally friendly: The CO2 emissions that are created by hauling bottled water across the planet damages our environment. Why not be kinder to the earth by bottling your own BIBO-purified water?


Watch the video here.



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