The Launch Party for Open Design Cape Town

Open Design Cape Town is approaching and we are so excited. What better way to get the ball rolling than with the illustrious red cellist, Carol Thorns performing in her latest global sensation, the Cellosphere. It is going to be an absolute ball of a launch with so much to look forward too.

Opening Party - An atmoSPHERIC launch of Open Design (for web)
The Cellosphere is a collaborative effort between two music agencies and a professional architect.  Shelley Frost of the Fridge Dubai, devised this original idea and has been playing her “Harp in a Bubble” for almost five years. Carol Thorns launched the concept in collaboration with The Fridge in Cape Town through her artist management company Red Cello.
Party - Open Design gears up to throw an epic open party
The original concept was then further researched & developed over a six month period, by the architect and Carol’s husband, Alastair Thorns, who devised a collapsible sphere and stage base, comprising of a clear plastic sphere, perspex staging and a high impact acrylic cladding which conceals the supporting laser cut aluminium framing, lighting and mechanical fans. What an amazing concept.   Join Open Design Cape Town and Carol Thorns at the Opening Party for the inaugural Open Design Cape Town festival on 21 August at Cape Town City Hall from 19:00 until 22:00 and be mesmerised by a magical feast of design, showcasing string instrumentals in this truly unique and innovative space.

For more information on Carol Thorns and her Cellosphere, visit


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