Switch Sandblasting with WindowArt

Renovating your home is NEVER easy, there are so many things to consider! Pick a décor style that won’t be out of date in a couple years time, good quality materials and fittings and be sure that you don’t choose an eye-catching design that looks great but may make living inconvenient. You also need to consider safety and convenience and of course you need to stay within your budget! The most important thing to consider is safety. Your home is your haven so you need to feel safe and secure from weather and burglars. Always take this into consideration first in when choosing your methods and materials. Also if you are renovating DIY style, there will be safety aspects that you need to consider and prepare yourself with correct tools, clothing, hard hats etc and think about the chemicals and equipment and how your home will be temporarily unsafe for your children or pets. If you are planning on sandblasting your windows you may want to consider the following:

  Sandblasting on glass off-site leaves you vulnerable to the elements and to intruders. The majority of the time, sandblasting on glass must be done off-site because it requires the use of powerful machines. These machines blast silica sand at an extremely high pressure. This is dangerous and best done in a factory by professionals.  Off-site sandblasting also requires having your window panes temporarily removed, leaving you are unable to lock up. Sandblasting on glass on-site carries health risks. Sometimes you can get sandblasting done on-site but sandblasting requires the use of fine silica sand and produces finer glass dust, there are potentially very serious respiratory health risks. The process is also very messy. Sandblasting weakens glass. The frosted effect of sandblasting on glass is achieved by removing the top layers, this weakens glass, making it more likely to shatter.  
How about trying Window vinyl instead…..  This achieves the same frosted look of sandblasting on glass, without the installation safety risks. Frosted window vinyl is a good alternative as it’s quick and easy to install on-site, with no health or safety risks. It also makes glass Shatterproof! Applying frosted window film to glass actually strengthens it. – so even if glass does break, the window film will keep the pieces together instead of sending shards flying.  
Take a look at WindowArt!  Offering decorative glass frosting and specialising in high quality window vinyl that transforms any piece of glass into a contemporary natural light solution. This product provides privacy for your home or business and an attractive alternative to curtains and blinds. Take a look here…. Contact: www.windowart.co.za


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