Superior Comfort and Support from Tempur

Once you have slept on TEMPUR, you realise there is no comparison. The TEMPUR temperature-sensitive material conforms to the shape of your body. It reduces discomfort caused by pressure points by redistributing pressure so you can immediately relax into your most comfortable sleeping position and remain fully supported. It is this balance of outstanding comfort and superior support that has earned TEMPUR a number one ranking for ‘overall customer satisfaction’ and ‘overall quality of sleep’

 TEMPUR Breeze™ optimises the microclimate to help you feel cooler when you sleep. TEMPUR® high performance sleep technology continues in 2014 with our latest innovation. TEMPUR Breeze mattresses feature new proprietary TEMPUR Climate Material™ and a unique cover created to wick away excess moisture. By reducing relative humidity and promoting airflow, Breeze optimises the micro-climate to help you to feel cooler when you sleep. Breeze models are available in Original, Sensation and Cloud collections in 22cm and 27cm heights so that you can find the right mattress for your comfort.

How it works Breeze mattresses feature TEMPUR Climate Material™ or TCM in the core combined with a 3D cover to help manage the micro-climate around you as you sleep. Any humidity is able to pass easily through the 3D cover and away from the body. Then a layer of TCM with thick open cell walls allows faster and more efficient moisture movement and breathability through the material leaving you with the sensation of sleeping cooler and more comfortably.

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