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Sep 17, 2013

Spring Clean Up Sale at Ferreira’s is beyond be-leaf!

It’s spring, and a dousing of detergent, a new plant, maybe some flowers, is just not saying: “Turning a new leaf” like it used to. Add to that, the chipped tile, a broken hot water tap and only-luxurious-in-your-imagination-bathtub, and even your evening soak is ruined. It’s spring, it’s time for the overdue bathroom renovation. Ferreira’s Tile and Bathroom are offering a spring renovation for your bathroom to make sure you have a superb, fresh bathroom for summer. We love the sleek, elegant and luxurious designs that have been sourced all over the world for us, as well as their immaculate taste that will definitely make our bathrooms shine. f-sale-2-new f-sale-1-new Spring Clean up  “Beyond Be-LEAF Sale” . Everything at Ferreiras  is less 20%. DO NOT MISS OUT. Available at their showroom on the Corner of Northumberland and Malibongwe NorthRiding .


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