Snaidero inspires loft living

Loft is the expression of the latest “urban” trends: compact, strong furniture of laminated wood with an “aged” effect combined with materials that belong to nature: wood, metal and glass mixed together to create a used atmosphere that evokes urban status symbols. Smart solutions, concrete answers to spaces that are increasingly smaller and shared: the new Snaidero Container offers a multifunctional space equipped according to your personal requirements: a room within the room that solves the many needs of everyday life.  LOFT plays with materials, matches them, combines them, customizes them according to a young, contemporary taste that loves quality and at the same time appreciates attention to current trends. The Loft’s spirit is perfectly inspired by an urban mood rich with references and suggestions. First of all, those coming from the industrial metropolitan world, those tied to old-time lofts where the raw materials, starting from wood, the metals oxidized by time and the big shelves are the most tangible signs of a recent past that resurfaces today more contemporary than ever. Available in the dimensions of 120, 150, 180 and 210 cm, the new kitchen units of the Loft project are actual workstations with cooking and washing functions, embellished by a Peltro finishing frame that gives to the most important area of the kitchen an almost professional touch. The doors of these units can be customized with 3 different textures: one with a hound’s tooth effect, an undisputed and timeless symbol of elegance for all fans of optical motifs; the second reproduces the Azulejos decorations of Portuguese origin; and the third, Coffee, offers a look that is definitely vintage.

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