Shanghai garden fabrics showcases the grandeur of nature as graceful, painterly landscapes and gardens. The Oriental inspired theme sets an atmosphere, a journey, a visual mythology as it travels. Allowing the mind to pause for reflection along your path, an aesthetic overload of beautiful tranquil gardens, earthy riverbanks or on ancient temple steps. The fabrics, are strongly influenced by classical Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy, the Shanghai Garden print collection, epitomizes the extraordinarily delicate and painterly evocation of mountains, rivers, trees and blossoms. An eastern oasis. Printed on linens, cottons and a heavyweight silk – the collection includes wonderfully expansive digital prints, allowing larger scale multicolour patterns for which the medium is ideally suited. The majestic sweep of the Chinese landscape, set against the almost calligraphic elegance of the bamboo and floral patterns, are what give this collection its light and life. Combining contemporary touches with classical motifs, demonstrated in the grandeur of two hanging garden designs combining energetic colour contrasts and flowered crowned tops – offer a striking, modern effect for any home. Add style and sophistication to your décor with Designers Guild’s gorgeous collection of one of a kind fabrics, wall coverings, and home accessories. Visit Veronica Lidchi  to see their luxurious collection of printed and plain dye bedroom, bathroom, living and dining accessories and personal collection of Shanghai Garden.



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