Scandinavian Finds

Detail24 imports brands that embrace creativity as well as functionality so you can decorate your home with a purpose. A touch of graphical detailing here and there, in the form of cushions and other chic finds, can make all the difference when livening up an interior. Popular brands on offer include Ferm Living, H. Skjalm P, Playtype Concept and Pia Wallen. And there’s so much more to choose from! Fortunately, Marcia’s Shopping List offers some guidance on where to start browsing. These trendy and quirky Scandinavian-inspired elements are must-haves for the style-conscious home owner and decorator this season.


Marcia’s Shopping List for Detail24:

1.Geometry Cushions

2. Spear Tray

3.Geometric Bowl

4.Spire Tin Box

5.Cross Blanket


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