New Zealand Interior Style

New Zealand has always had a very unique way of creating their homes, and it is all self done from top to bottom. This is why when we saw this we were excited to tell you all about it. New Zealand Interior Style Written by LeeAnn Yare and photography by Larnie Nicolson, explores 24 stunning New Zealand home interiors, from modern minimalism to colour filled collectors havens, and meets the owners of each one.  LeeAnn Yare shares secrets for achieving high impact interiors and offers a wealth of tips to recreate similar looks in your own home. We are so fascinated by the energy that each home exudes and the different ways in which to create fresh energy in your interior.

New Zealand Interior Style


Hard back, 240 pages, 23.5x30cm. PRE ORDER your very own autographed copy here,  which will be sent to your door as soon as its released in the first week of October.


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